Observation 2809622: TRISAT (99798)

As I am part of the space radio amateur community, it makes me wonder if my station is being used by someone to listen to a satellite that does not comply with the regulations.
Indeed TRISAT had its request for coordination refused by the IARU (http://www.amsatuk.me.uk/iaru/declined.php) .

This is not in line with my ethics.

Is it possible to indicate that the station cannot be used for a satellite that does not respect the regulation?

Regarding Observation 2809622


Hello @XtopheSwl

We have been monitoring the situation with TRISAT even before the VV16 launch, since according to their website they have been planning to use the radio amateur frequencies despite the declined coordination from IARU.

The only reason we allowed monitoring in the SatNOGS Network was in order to document the violation and be able to report it properly to IARU and ITU. Below a sample of our take around this:

And reporting to IARU:

Also, we have recently pushed changed in db.satnogs.org that allows us to tag a transmitter as declined coordination, and network should soon be able to see that and don’t include those transmitters as options for scheduling (except if explicitly selected by a station for SSA reasons). In the meantime we are not auto-scheduling any TRISAT observations.

We take radio amateur ideals really seriously within LSF and SatNOGS and we have vowed to uphold them to the greatest extend possible.

For more information around my personal stance around radio amateur frequency usage and recent trends you can see here: