Observation 2792221: UPMSat 2 (99799)

Regarding Observation 2792221

This was strong enough to get some packets from soundmodem using usb and afsk 1200

1:Fm UPMST2 To EA4BPN Via UNDEF <UI R Pid=F0 Len=102> [12:19:37R] [+--]
 c.)-phö„h0šFÿ-¤BÉx;*¡àLÊm6žjV¯k63F$ZG´]DF(ŠÈÌjŠöv6ŽE^¼bii¦Åi†§jF¤e8 wi¦šdÕ—dæjcDcÿÿC
1:Fm UPMST2 To EA4BPN Via UNDEF <UI R Pid=F0 Len=102> [12:19:58R] [++-]
c.|.ehö…h@š-¤Bɘ9*AùM"ÛmF¡jf°kF4HtiMDuFÖ(ŠèÔjšò„F|%å/_ëwQ–}iÆÅi†¨jV¤	Łi¦šdå™dÖjcTeÿÿC
1:Fm UPMST2 To EA4BPN Via UNDEF <UI R Pid=F0 Len=102> [12:20:37R] [++-]
 c/.ehö…h@š-¤Bɘ9*AùM"ÛmF¡jf°kF4HtiMDuFÖ(ŠèÔjšò„F|%å/_ëwQ–}iÆÅi†¨jV¤	Łi¦šdå™dÖjcTeÿÿC
1:Fm UPMST2 To EA4BPN Via UNDEF <UI R Pid=F0 Len=102> [12:20:58R] [++-]
 c/q/Zhæ„h ™×-¤Cɸ:AîM2¨mF¢j†³kV5[Å;dõ‰X–(‹ØÕj™ë–Ö|0D"_ÚWAV|iæÄi¦©jv¤ôÔ
1:Fm UPMST2 To EA4BPN Via UNDEF <UI R Pid=F0 Len=102> [12:21:17R] [+--]
 c/Â/Zhæ„h ™×-¤Cɸ:AîM2¨mF¢j†³kV5[Å;dõ‰X–(‹ØÕj™ë–Ö|0D"_ÚWAV|iæÄi¦©jv¤ôÔ
1:Fm UPMST2 To EA4BPN Via UNDEF <UI R Pid=F0 Len=102> [12:21:37R] [+--]
 c0/Zhæ„h ™×-¤Cɸ:AîM2¨mF¢j†³kV5[Å;dõ‰X–(‹ØÕj™ë–Ö|0D"_ÚWAV|iæÄi¦©jv¤ôÔ
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So the current mode is not correct?

If the current mode is 1200 baud FSK, then that is correct.

However, I think the FSK demod flowgraph is expecting G3RUH scrambling? If this signal is being decoded using the soundmodem ‘AFSK’ setting (e.g. 1200 baud AFSK, NRZI, etc…) then it likely doesn’t have scrambling.

Confirm that the data is decoded with UZ7HO soundmodem, exactly as you described.
It is very hard to decode indeed. Fast doppler changes at high attitude passes are terrible, even if the signal is clearly heard, trying to decoding is a nightmare sometimes.

On the other hand, since very first orbits we were able to uplink to the satellite succesfully from our GS. The uplink is at the same frequency (doppler corrected).
From Monday we are in trouble to uplink any command. We do not know why at this moment. Nothing changed at our GS position.
We are speculating if the problem is the satellite antenna pointing off towards the Earth or, the receiver is going deaf…

So, we appreciate very much any TLM data decoded with the software decoding published or any other made by the Community and sent to us. The data collected will be useful to understand what it is happening.

Many thanks in advance.

73, Rafael


How can we send the frames received to UPM?

73’s from EA5WA Juan Carlos

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Hi Juan Carlos,
To my email address qrz.com or attached here if you prefer.
Thank you!

73, Rafael

Wich one do you prefer, wav or kss files?

OR: you can fwd them to db.satnogs.org and the team can get them directly from there. Slightly better than emails back and forth :slight_smile:


The tlm decoder is at https://www.amsat-ea.org/app/download/11965958/upmsat2_v1_2.exe

and ran with Ubuntu 16.04 / wine OK - it will connect to the soundmodem.exe AGWPE port 8000 and print :

$ wine upmsat2_v1_2.exe 
Starting TM reception.
2020-09-09 14:23:22 TM command: HELLO Seq number:  10 Sequence number:  10
 Operating Mode: SAFE
 Mission Clock:  2134731
 Battery Warning: NONE
======== Analog Signals ========
 BATT_TBAT1_TM :     13.8C    BATT_TBAT2_TM :      13.9C    BATT_TBAT3_TM :      14.0C    RESERVED :           -
 BATT_VBAT_TM :      24.1V    PSU_T_TM :           1809.0   P3V3_TM :            3.3V     P5V_TM :             5.0V
 P15V_TM :           15.0V    N15V_TM :            -15.0V   PSU_IP5V_TM :         2.9A    PSU_IP15V_TM :        2.2A
 PSU_IN15V_TM :       5.3A    PSU_IP3V3_TM :        3.3A    PDU_IVBUS_TM :       1738.0   PV_TPSXP_TM :        -12.5C
 PV_TPSXN_TM :       -8.9C    PV_TPSYP_TM :        -11.8C   PV_TPSYN_TM :        -11.3C   PV_TPSZP_TM :        -16.3C
 PV_ISPXP_TM :        0.1A    PV_ISPXN_TM :         0.0A    PV_ISPYP_TM :         0.1A    PV_ISPYN_TM :         0.0A
 PV_ISPZP_TM :       -0.0A    OBC_T_TM :           1591.0   MGM1_T_TM :          2333.0   MGM2_T_TM :          2366.0
 MGM3_T_TM :          4.0C    MGM1_X_TM :          2697.0   MGM1_Y_TM :          1560.0   MGM1_Z_TM :          1790.0
 MGM2_X_TM :         645.0    MGM2_Y_TM :          1834.0   MGM2_Z_TM :          1703.0   MGM3_X_TM :          2855.0
 MGM3_Y_TM :         1815.0   MGM3_Z_TM :          1788.0   MGT_TX_TM :          -3.9C    MODEM_T_TR_TM :      13.3C
 EBOX_T_INT_TM :     -2.1C    EBOX_T_EXT_TM :       4.0C    BATT_T_EXT_TM :      -1.9C    BATT_T_INT_TM :      -2.1C
 SS6_XP_TM :         11.7V    SS6_XN_TM :          11.7V    SS6_YP_TM :          11.7V    SS6_YN_TM :          11.7V
 SS6_ZP_TM :         11.7V    SS6_ZN_TM :          11.7V    RW1_T_TM :            1.0C    RW2_T_TM :            3.0C
 TP1_TM :            1624.0   TP2_TM :             1459.0   TP3_TM :             1620.0   TP4_TM :             -9.8C
 TP5_TM :            1601.0   TP6_TM :             1141.0  
======== Digital Signals ========
 DAS_P3V :           Active   DAS_P5V :            Active   DAS_P15V :           Active   DAS_N15V :           Active
 PDU_P3V3 :          Active   PDU_P5V :            Active   MGM1_P5V :           Active   MGM2_P5V :           Active
 MGM3_P15V :         Active   MGM3_N15V :          Active   MGT_X_VBUS :         Active   TEMP_A_P5V :         Active
 TEMP_B_P5V :        Active   MODEM_VBUS :         Active   RW_P5V :             Inactive RW_VBUS :            Active
 MTS_VBUS :          Inactive

At the moment, there is no telemetry forwarder available, isn’t it?

@ea5wa Preferred method would be the data decoded by our program. But, a .kss file will be fine too. I am using kissdump.exe from DK3WN to convert in .hex. However, we are more interested to collect TLM from places where the sat is not visible to us (footprint). We are receiving telemetry at our GS, fortunately.

@pierros method sugested will be fine also. I need to learn how to setup a dasboard to collect and centralize whole data here in SatNOGS. I am doing several tasks at work with little time to do one more, :slight_smile:

@cswiger Thanks for your help!

73, Rafael

Ok. If you don’t need more frames from Spain I’m going to send them to satnogs.

73’s de Juan Carlos EA5WA

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