Observation 2753043: STRAND-1 (39090)

SNR is good, but it doesn’t get frames … at the same time I did manual telemetry rx on the same antenna using the soundmodem application and Online Telemetry Forwarder I got 132 frames. what settings should I do so that the signal reception on my satnogs is maximal.

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Rian - YC5ABK

Regarding Observation 2753043

I am not sure if the SatNOGS decoder is able to decode the non standard AX25 messages send by STRaND-1. This observation is fine and decoding with gr_satellites is also providing a working kiss file.

gr_satellites 39090 --wavfile STRAND-1_satnogs_2753043_2020-08-28T00-37-51.wav --samp_rate 48e3 --kiss_out STRAND-1/STRAND-1_satnogs_2753043_2020-08-28T00-37-51.kss

So all is fine with your setup.

thanks for the information