Observation 2720112: Phase 3-B (14129) - Removing an observation after it started

Regarding Observation 2720112

Hi !

Is there a way for me to delete an observation that has started already ? The autoschedueler has scheduelded another 10 hours observation on P3B and now I cannot remove it since it’s started already. There is no point of me leaving it running as it will crash the Pi.

For jobs that haven’t started there is a garbage can at the top right of the screen but it seems to disapear once the job has started.

73’ s Martin 9V1RM

If it’s started, I think that the only way to stop it is by restarting the client: systemctl restart satnogs-client .

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For client side is what @Acinonyx said. For network side, it is not possible to remove the observation after it started. It can only be removed by admins if there is a reason for being removed. In this case, I’ve removed it, so you can schedule other observations.

Thanks a lot ! I have amended my priorities file in the auto schedueler for it not to pick this sat again. I hope it will work.

73’s Martin 9v1rn

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