Observation 2680899 & 2689011: NOAA 9 (15427) on 1.7GHz

Regarding Observation 2680899 and
Observation 2689011 i don’t know how to vet these observations. Is this some transmission from NOAA 9 drifting at the start of each transmission ?
Even drifting these signals seem to be too aligned to be of terrestrial origin

No other observations of this satellite on this frequency in the database to be able to compare.

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I agree with your conclusion. I think that is the satellite and it’s been drinking.


https://network.satnogs.org/observations/2689012/ seems to exhibit same behavior.

2 more observations scheduled this night but with less good passes regarding the antenna orientation (pointing straight up) before i have to dismantle my test station.

I believe that is NOAA 9. Considering what its 137Mhz signal looks like.


Thanks, should have checked the history of NOAA9 before asking stupid questions here.
Seems out-of-order and decommissioned since 1998… and started to transmit unmodulated on 137MHz again since 1999. So that explains and allows him to send out like a drunk sat on 1.7GHz as well :slight_smile: