Observation 267792: ISS (25544) - Not announced contact?

Regarding Observation 267792

This was a not announced contact between ISS and “Grayson School”.

EDIT: a discussion about it in twitter can be found here

I’ve been setting my two VHF stations to record ISS 145.800 in hopes of catching early SSTV transmissions (has there been an official announcement about that, btw? I’ve heard a couple of non-official announcements of an SSTV event later this week), and just happened to catch this contact.

The real kicker is that this school is only about 50 km from my QTH, and I really would’ve liked to help out (or at least observe) in order to gain some experience (I hope to support ARISS contacts in the future, as my daughter is in elementary school currently). Oh well, interesting nonetheless…


Apparently there was another unscheduled contact today at about 19:00z, but unfortunately both my stations were being used for ISS APRS (not sure why ISS APRS is of interest as it is caught by iGates worldwide and injected straight to APRS-IS). I try and schedule ISS early on my own stations in order to catch these contacts, but unfortunately somebody beat me to it this time.

I know there had been talk of station owners being able to take preference over others for prefered passes - is that going to happen soon? The idea was that these stations would be helpful to others when “not in use”, but since setting up my stations - I’ve been locked out of usage of my own station several times with disapppointing results.


As a station owner you can always delete existing observations!
To schedule the ones you want just remove the others.

Everything else is work in progress or future plans for now, I’m sorry.


Hi Patrick

I have not found a way to delete a schedule that another gs made on my station.

Apparently I am overlooking something.


sorry about that.
Found it… its the red square with the trash can at the upper right of the page.
I guess I am more blind than I thought.

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I was unaware that I could do that, but unfortunately it’s not really a help in this situation that I will go into in a separate post.