Observation 2655199: ATHENOXAT 1 (41168)

Regarding Observation 2655199

Some satellites are not centered, one of which is ATHENOXAT-1. How to make the signal position in the middle, for PPM SDR is already set. But there are still some that are not in the right position … please help …
Rian Irwansyah

Is it a genuine V3 RTL SDR or a fake. The fakes drift quite a bit when warm.

I use the SDR which is blue - RAFAEL RTL2832U R820T2

I don’t think the old blue RTL’s had TCXO’s.

My own 3 genuine RTL-SDRs V3 PPM are all between +/- 1 or 2. My fakes are between +40 and +70 and drift quickly. The genuine RTL-SDR.com V3 units have only 2 screws holding the end plates and the antenna connector is held in place with a nut and washer. There should be a NSY sticker on the USB connector end.
I was tricked into buying what looked like a genuine unit on ebay but after internal examination I found the inside board was that of a $10 ordinary RTL-SDR.