Observation 2584037: UNISAT-6 (40012)

Regarding Observation 2584037

Hello, I have just upgraded my Satnogs station, and set the gain little bit more, (40)
Observation based on UNISAT or BUGSAT-1, its increase a lot more of demoded data, but how can I check if demoded data are correctly demoded ? its obvious ?

thx you

Copying from a similar discussion on the matrix chat channel:

There is a trade off between sensitivity and validity which depends on the modulation. Some modulations are more susceptible to generate noise frames as they have none or not enough mechanisms for verifying the frames. Also especially for the case of AX.25 many satellite teams doesn’t follow exactly the standard.
Until recently we tried to remove noise frames and make sure that whatever is demodulated is a valid frame, however this decision has limited too much the ability to demodulate frames. This is why from now on we are going to move to more sensitive demodulators, which means more noise frames. To check the validity we will use the decoders https://gitlab.com/librespacefoundation/satnogs/satnogs-decoders and other mechanisms as we do when we visualize frames in dashboards https://dashboard.satnogs.org/
The concept is to demodulate as much as we can and then decide if something is valid or not.

That said, unisat-6 does go through periods when it sends down a LOT of frames. There is picture data in there which dk3wn’s software can extract but I’ve had no success with it.