Observation 2491188: NOAA 15 (25338)

Regarding Observation 2491188

Curious of the IQ data is available in order to demod this?


You would have to set ENABLE_IQ_DUMP as in https://wiki.satnogs.org/Understanding_satnogs-flowgraphs#Storing_an_IQ_recording for a future pass.


I do not have a ground station and was just hoping to use satnogs repository to grab data. So that’s too bad because AM/FM audio data of a PSK signal is absolutely useless. We would need IQ data (or IQ data saved as an audio file) for it to be of any use at all.

For your information, station 771 is offering the raw IQ data for the observations done with it here.

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It’s worth noting that the resultant OGG file on the PSK flowgraph is not AM/FM demodulated. Instead, it’s best called a ‘Wide USB’ demodulator, with the target signal at a 12 kHz IF.

This output is targeted at things like 1200 or 9600 baud BPSK, and may not necessarily be suitable for whatever the NOAA sat is doing. If you have more information on the telemetry, then maybe something could be worked out, otherwise you will be relying on stations that provide IQ data.

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Unfortunately they only got half of the signal… Apparently it was centered on the carrier, and not the lower edge of the signal.

I’ll see what I can get with the IQ data.