Observation 24689: ITAMSAT (22826)

Regarding Observation 24689 …Just seeing terrestrial or PC noise

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Yes, exactly!
No satellite tracks in there…

Fixed as bad! Thanks @jjroux for reporting!

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On a side note https://network.satnogs.org/users/saliyath/ marks a lot of observations that are not good as good. Might want to clearify to them how to decide.

It is not always straightforward, I think. It is probably up to us guys to help improve. I would not like to go through +134k observations to check :joy:

I know most of them on my station is there is ANY sat or local nosie even they mark it as good. I end up correcting it most of the time when I notice it

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Maybe we need to make vetting by two people (one making observation and one admin/advanced user)?