Observation 2457920: UWE-4 (43880)

Regarding Observation 2457920

Is this two satellites or UWE-4 drifting (or my system drifting?)

could also be slightly off TLE?

Could be Groundstation locking.

I noticed that the TLEs are a little bit old - just wondering what Groundstation Locking might mean. There’s so much data coming out of UWE-4 that my little old Pi4 can’t cope? Could be I suppose!

I don’t think this is due to TLE, as TLE for this satellite were updated earlier that day.

Next there is the scenario that station may had an issue, but by looking on these observations for the same satellite at the same time:


We can safely say that the drift was on the satellite.

With a quick look on UWE-4 dashboard at that specific period, we can see some changes on the batteries, however I’m not sure if this is the reason behind this drift.

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The satellite’s transceiver locks to the Groundstation frequency reference, once it got commanded.

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