Observation 245638: CARTOSAT-2A (32783)

Regarding one of my first S-band observation : Observation 245638
I dont understand why I cannot decode the CW recorded in the audio file.
I tried several differents ways : fldigi, multimon.
But in the web view I can see that there is data.

Can you explain what I’am doing wrong ?
Maybe it’s because it’s quite off-frequency ?

Thank you

It’s -9kHz off frequency whereas the channel filter of the CW demodulator is about 3.5 kHz.

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we can probably submit a new frequency for this, see also https://network.satnogs.org/observations/242508/

Fortunately, I still have the iq of this observation. How can I reprocess it and move the filter ? Do you have any directions ? (Want to learn :D)
I have gr-satnogs fully installed on a desktop computer so I can hack and run a grc easily.

I sent the suggestion on the DB.

thank you :wink:

If you want to reprocess with gr-satnogs you can use the BFO (or cw_offset, don’t remember exactly) to shift the signal.

Sounds good, assuming that the error is on the satellite and not the receiver :wink: