Observation 2423424: PRISM (33493) (drifted no longer?)

Regarding Observation 2423424

We see here a nice strong CW signal in the waterfall but several kHz below target. I had chosen the “drifted” frequency for this observation, but it looks like I’d have been better off going with the original frequency. Other than simply editing the DB entry, can anyone suggest a course of action to reduce the potential for confusion?
In the meantime I’ve scheduled an observation for PRISM’s next pass using the original non-drifted frequency. If this results in better copy I would consider that conclusive. If not, we might identify a pattern. Thoughts?

Drifted transmitter should be invalidated and drift to be passed on the original transmitter. This can be done with a suggestions in DB. After that we need to watch and confirm the drift, and change it with a new suggestion if necessary.

Just to add, that for drift frequency changes, we need to confirm it with several observations from several stations.

Fortunately we have a big network of stations with a deep library of submissions! The drift looks consistent across everyone’s recent observations, going back as far as summer 2018 at least, so I’ll put in the suggestion.

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