Observation 2367093: NOAA 19 (33591)

Regarding this Observation 2367093 or others from the station I notice interference on the waterfall and of course the decoded image.

Any ideas about this ? and how can I improve the reception ?


It looks like you have significant amounts of local noise present. This is either being received directly by the SDR, or possibly resulting in intermodulation (hard to be sure).

A simple check that I do occasionally is to run up the SDR via the network (using the SoapRemote technique here: https://wiki.satnogs.org/Omnidirectional_Station_How_To#Setting_the_gain ). I can then walk around my house and switch off as many electrical devices as possible (TVs, LED lights, chargers etc), while watching the spectrum for changes.
This should at least help determine if the noise source is within your house!

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Thanks you for this informations. I will try to indentify if it’s inside the room.
The Satnogs system is on the roof of F6KRK room. Due to pandemic and acces restrictions I am unable to check the station now.

See attached schematics the of this station. V1 is the current version.
RxNoaa_v1_v2.pdf (21.8 KB).

We must remember that there is also a CW beacon (144 MHz) on the floor close to the NOAA station.

I am sure I can improve the station. Is this the V2 a better solution ?
Your suggestions are welcome.