Observation 2331593: QB50P1 (40025)

Regarding Observation 2331593
EO-79 (QB50P1)
I believe the Telemetry frequency is set 20khz below 145.814 MHz
ve2dsk Real

Hi @ve2dsk,

Unfortunately what you get there isn’t QB50P1 but probably another satellite or terrestrial signal. I’ve re-vetted the observation to bad. Please check this guide https://wiki.satnogs.org/Operation#Rating_observations for more details.

By the way, you can suggest changes on transmitters frequencies and details in db.satnogs.org. Login with the same credentials as in Network and here and then go to the satellite. There you will be able to suggest changes to transmitters. Please before do such suggestions, make sure you can support them with observations from other stations too, and add links to the citation field.