Observation 2324844: FOX-1D (43137)

Regarding Observation 2324844

please help … this includes good, bad or fail … thank you 73 …

The observation is good as there is a vertical signal, almost in the middle, of the waterfall which belongs to the satellite. More on rating you can find at this guide.

However, and also from your other observations like this one, you can see that the signal is not centered. This is probably because your SDR device is one of the first editions that its center frequency was easily affected by several factors like temperature.

In this case, for fixing this frequency drift, you can set the SATNOGS_PPM_ERROR parameter in advanced settings. For calculating the ppm value needed for your SDR device, you can follow one of the two guides (the third is deprecated) in this wiki page section.

Adding the ppm error value it will help your station to improve decoding the received signals.

ok … thanks for the input … i will do it …