Observation 2283468: FOX-1B (43017)

Regarding Observation 2283468

Hi guys, recently I changed the rotator step from default 4 degrees to 1. Usually signal output looks like this: https://network.satnogs.org/observations/2267388/ . But how you can see in the first observation signal is very weak. I didn’t change gain values or something else that might have an impact.

Do you think that problem might be with the cables or LNA, I tested it with a gnuradio usrp block and looks like LNA doesn’t work at all. Even FM is in noise.

Look at the power scale on the right… seems strange that it would be so different between two observations at the same station. Sure does seem like the LNA isn’t working. How are you turning on the LNA? My understanding is that you cannot turn on a bias-t with device arguments since the last software update (you have to use a pre-observation script, now).


I use an external power source to power LNA, it is not connected to the system.

So I guess it is not a SW problem.

Can you fire up GQRX on the pi and then while observing, manually switch the LNA on and off to see if it’s actually working?