Observation 2243238: NOAA 9 (15427)

Regarding Observation 2243238
All my results are down in the mud, no matter what gain settings I used. I am getting the same results on the RTL and SDR play. The active antenna is working well and produces a strong waterfall on my monitoring system SDRuno. Does anyone have any ideas?

I also used Cubic SDR and this produces good results. Something seems to be crushing the waterfall in Satnogs.

Thank you.


Can you confirm what antennas are listed in SoapySDRUtil --probe="driver=sdrplay" ? I’m fairly sure ‘RX’ is not a valid antenna for the SDRPlay.

I’m also not sure there is allowed to be a space between IFGR=27, and RFGR=3 in the other_settings field, but hopefully @surligas can provide more information on the parsing of that field.

Mark VK5QI