Observation 2241198: Phase 3-B (14129)

Regarding Observation 2241198

what is going on with that polar plot ? !

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New satellite technology: Gravity drive.

Everything ok for a seven hours lasting observation of a high elliptic flying satellite. This observation is pretty unuseful; it could be successful if these 7 hours would have been segmented into, e.g., 30 minutes lasting observations.

7 hours will simply eat up all memory…



Spot on ! I didn’t even notice it was a 7h pass. And indeed you are absolutely right: I was wondering why the Raspberry Pi had crashed (Pi 4 - 4 Gb) while this one has been rock stable for a while. I looked through the arguments of the auto scheduler and couldn’t find any way to limit the time of a pass or prevent it from scheduling such long passes. Maybe something to consider for a future version.

73’s de Martin 9V1RM

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