Observation 2177628: METEOR-M 2 (40069)

Regarding Observation 2177628

I’m confused… I see M2 observations with both 72000 and 80000 baud.
Which is it?

Also I see the 80000 baud observations are being demodulated into photos/ir whereas the 72000 ones are not.

What’s up? Is there a trick to getting satnogs to demodulate LRPT?

As has been mentioned in many many threads on this forum, LRPT decoding is not part of the core SatNOGS demodulators yet.

Stations that have been doing LRPT decoding are using a custom flow-graph and post-processing script, which at the moment does not work in the new client version (though some progress is being made on this). The original flow-graph ignores the baud-rate field, and uses 72kbaud, which is what Meteor M2 usually uses.

The flowgraph only produces QPSK soft-symbols, it does not save an image. Another utility (medet_arm) is used to decode the QPSK soft-symbols into images, and this utility barely runs in real-time on a RPi3, making me question if a true real-time decoder is going to be possible on something like a RPi.


Thank you very much for the explanation.