Observation 2104928: Swiatowid (44426)

Regarding Observation 2104928
Didn’t get anything out of this until I read that it may well be AFSK AX.25 1200bd. Sure enough the frame popped out:
1:Fm SR6SAT-6 To APDST4-6 Via WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 [19:56:16R] [SINGLE]

The frame shown in the example is an APRS packet and is not related to Swiatowid (44426). The Swiatowid AFSK AX.25 1200bd telemetry data look like Observation 2125528 (see Data ASCII ).

That’s exactly what mine looks like… and looks like the ones here.

It decoded in soundmodem and direwolf (so it isn’t surprising it looks like an aprs packet)