Observation 2055228: AALTO-1 (42775) sending image data?

Regarding Observation 2055228

I’m curious as to the nature of this bird’s telemetry… It seems to include an image file name (repeating)?


Does anyone know what this is about?

Seems I found my answer here: Decoding packets from AALTO-1 ( 42775)

Hi Anders,

Yes, I explain in that linked thread what this is about.
If you see the third and fourth bytes of each frame, we can see that here also few EPS housekeeping frames (03 02), few error messages with error code 5 (01 02), few OBC housekeeping frame (03 03), few ADCS housekeeping frames (03 04), file downlink initiation replies (07 08) and file downlinking CRC validation replies (07 0F).
Also, based on this observation look’s like the SatNOGS’ modem is ignoring the CRC field because in different packets have differently broken filenames.

This 2020-02-14_094131.jp2 picture wasn’t visually very interesting but see attached image. :slight_smile:
Just blackness of space and a faint lens flare.


Thank you so much! Nice not to be completely in the dark :slight_smile: