Observation 2038465: NOAA 18 (28654)

Reading @mervinator’s project blog I started following links and ended up at Observation 2038465 from NOAA 18 on 15 April 2020. Why is the bandwidth wider than ‘normal’; well what I considered ‘normal’ - e.g. equivalent pass from my station Observation 2038952 but no doubt many others.

Just curious. Perhaps a custom bandwidth setting @mervinator?

That’s a good observation Mat. I haven’t made any changes since I created my account and started observing satellites, I wasn’t aware there were any settings available to be honest.

Maybe someone with more knowledge of the website can throw some light on the differences?

Flicking between the two observations looks like we’ve got different client versions (1.0 vs 1.3.1). Maybe it’s as simple as that.

That would certainly explain it, maybe the later client expands the signal to fill more of the waterfall. I guess I should update my client really but I’m always concerned something will break!