Observation 2005085: NOAA 18 (28654)

Regarding Observation 2005085
pretty new in group
How can i get more than one decoded pictures for NOAA weather sat…?
I mean colour images VE2DSK

I think the owner of that observation (and/or station) has implemented a post observation script to add false color to the images. Do you know how to use WXtoIMG?


Hi Roy…
many thanks for fast reply.
I roughly made test with WXtoIMG importing the wav audio file.
But does not have good result… Maybe audio out of range or setting(?)
So thank again Real VE2DSK Montreal

The wav file must be a very specific sample rate (11.025 kHz, I think). Be sure to resample it to this rate (I use Audacity) before importing it to wxtoimg.