Observation 1961919: XW-2A (40903)

Regarding Observation 1961919

Hi, could anyone guess / tell which satellite / signal is on the right (bottom) of the CW signal ? Does look to narrow for 9k6 for me but it’s the strongest data I have seen so far.


It’s FM, with a CTCSS tone.
It could be one of the FOX-series sats, or it could also be a local signal.
@fredy should be able to figure out which one it is!

There isn’t any known satellite that transmits near the frequency of XW-2A. Given that and the fact that the signal is too strong I’m almost sure that this is terrestrial signal.

Also the Fox satellites don’t downlink a tone - they instead have a sub-audible DUV telemetry. It does resemble the tone in the subject observation, but is sort of “hollow” between the two edges (whereas the tone in the CTCSS signal is “filled in”).

Reminds me of when I use to hear a repeater near me on observations just from it being so loud. (That it’s the signal here might be an image.)

I use to hear the N9IAA repeater.