Observation 1947687: ACRUX-1 (44369) - Auto demodulation question

Regarding Observation 1947687

Hi There,

I noticed some satellites have the data automatically demodulated and added to the data tab for the observation. I see this depends on the built in demodulator and the mode of the satellite.

I was trying to work out why this observation doesn’t auto demodulate as on the surface level it seems to be supported by the demodulator?


Demodulation depends on these factors:

  1. SNR (signal noise ratio) which depends on the reception ability of the station and on the transmission power of the satellite
  2. On the sensitivity and implementation of demodulator script and as you mentioned the mode

On the specific observation, the GMSK demodulator was running, however the signal is FSK 9600 as it belongs to BUGSAT-1 and not to ACRUX-1. Also as you can see the signal drifts, which is expected as it belongs to other satellite with need of different doppler correction than the applied for ACRUX-1, so this drift makes demodulating more difficult in case that demodulator could handle the mode.

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thanks Fredy, that explains it.