Observation 1929403: Astrocast 0.2 (44083)

Regarding Observation 1929403
I believe the evenly spaced, wide lines in the waterfall reflect the relatively wide bandwidth of the 9600 bd telem? Is this a good decode?

There is signal from Astrocast 0.2 at 225s. So this observation is good. Have experiment with your gain? Maybe decreasing it will help you to get better SNR.

I think I have the gain set at 49.x db. I will try the 32.y setting. Thank you.

I have the RTL_SDR Wideband LNA. If I installed it at the antenna, what RTL-SDR dongle gain setting should I start with - 0 maybe?

No, do not start with 0. This will deafen your station.

If you are running the latest satnogs-client, there is a guide here to assist setting the optimal gain for your station: https://wiki.satnogs.org/Omnidirectional_Station_How_To#Setting_the_gain

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