Observation 1737767: Argus-2 (99831)

Regarding Observation 1737767 (among other observations), it seems Argus-02’s transmission frequency may have shifter down 10-20kHz. We are unsure as to why, but we have seen Argus-02’s pattern on this slightly lower frequency consistently. Would it be possible to add a transmitter on this frequency to see if. Argus-02 is better captured?

For context, Argus-02 transmits telemetry every 45s, which fits the pattern.

Best way to do this is to make a transmitter suggestion in db.satnogs.org

I can not say for sure that the visible signal is from Argus-02, it seems that it doesn’t fit any TLE of the deployment, event if I drift the frequency.

To be honest I haven’t checked all the observations until now but I’m on it. We will need more observations with signals and from more stations to be sure.

I did a few days ago! I’m still waiting on it to be accepted

I’ve seen this suggestion, however I haven’t managed to check the observations for confirming it and accept the change.

It will be very helpful if you can list here all the observations that show signal of Argus-02 that matches the interval of 45sec and are at -10KHz - -20KHz from the announced frequency.

We believe most of the following passes contain Argus-02:
(Yes, patterns vary but all fit behaviors that are possible for Argus-02)

02/22 13:42:47 1740876

02/22 10:37:28 1737768

02/22 10:29:23 1740711 very faint but consistent 30s intervals

02/22 10:15:26 1740658

02/22 05:44:49 1737767

02/22 05:40:44 1732237

02/22 05:40:38 1732318

02/22 04:06:48 1737766

02/21 20:38:21 1726625 OBC off?

02/21 06:33:15 1733193

02/21 04:54:26 1733192

02/20 21:26:03 1726619 OBC off?

02/20 08:52:37 1720946 very faint

02/20 07:15:38 1720958 strong pattern!

02/20 07:15:20 1720917

02/20 07:15:16 1721048 very faint

02/20 05:41:51 1720956 feasible pattern

02/20 05:41:00 1721049 long pattern

02/20 05:40:53 1721025 long pattern

02/20 05:40:46 1721037 long pattern

02/20 04:06:34 1720954 long pattern


The signal at right-center is 43466 - 1KUNS-PF and the CW at left is 32785 - CUTE-1.7+APD II

The signal at right-center is 43466 - 1KUNS-PF

The signal at the right is AZTECHSAT-1 and the faint signal at left is a terrestrial one.

The signal at the right is AZTECHSAT-1, the signal on the left is either noise or terrestrial signal. For example in this observation the noise/terrestrial signal is more visible https://network.satnogs.org/observations/1751567/.

Again as the previous observation from this station the signal at the right is AZTECHSAT-1 and the one faint at left is a terrestrial one.

At the right is AZTECHSAT-1 and at the left/center the noise/terrestrial signal, again in station #6 as in the previous. Here is more obvious that the noise/signal follows the terrestrial noise line starting from -10KHz at the bottom.

I can not see any signal

Again signal at the right is AZTECHSAT-1

Again the noise/terrestrial signal on #6

The signal at the right is AZTECHSAT-1

Signal at right is AZTECHSAT-1. The other horizontal lines are noise, you can see something similar in the other observations of this station, like this one.

One more time the noise/terrestrial signal on #6

I can not see something on this.