Observation 1733192: Argus-2 (99831)

The Argus-02 team is under the impression that Argus-02 is actually leading the group of satellites (or, at least, closer to the front) than the actual TLE assigned. On many observations where Argus-02 and AzTechSat-1 are seen together, Argus-02 is lost before AzTechSat-1. Given that these passes are mostly from stationary antennas, it could indicate that Argus-02 is further forward in the orbit than AzTechSat-1.

Moreover, we have been in contact with the HARD team and they believe that they are wrongly classified as Argus-02.

Would it be possible to assign the aztechsat-1 tle to argus and the argus tle to harp?

Observation 1733192

As I’m not sure if you mean to exchange the TLEs of the ones we follow or the ones spacetrack has identified, could you please give me the NORAD IDs, like aztechsat-1 should be 45256.

By the way, objects are still so close that you can receive the satellites with using any TLE from this deployment.

I did a random check on the good observations of Argus-2 but I didn’t manage to find any signal with interval of 45s. In most of them there is AZTECHSAT-1 with the 60s interval signal. Please let me know the id if there is any observation with the 45s interval signal.

PS about the linked observation I think that only signal at ~200s is one from Argus-2 but still not sure.