Observation 1710915: PRATHAM (41783)

Regarding Observation 1710915


I’m always missing a waterfall on this sat. Any specific isssue I should be looking at ?

73’s Martin 9V1RM

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Exact same thing happens to me, just with Pratham everytime. Also note, it should be rated as “failed” not “bad” if it is blank, I think.

cc’ing @surligas on that since he might be able to provide more info on why this CW always fails.

indeed @jebba is right, this is a “failed” one (I went ahead and re-rated it)

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Might have to do with the CW transmitter having a baud of 35.0 in DB? Could be messing up gnuradio flowgraph.

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Thank you - I will look at the other pass as re-rate them.

73’s Martin

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gr-satnogs v1.5.1 supports WPM less than 30, that’s why it fails. > v2 will supports up to 100.0.