Observation 1688157: METEOR-M 2 (40069)

Regarding Observation 1688157

Hi was SatNOGS updated to include M2 decoding yet? I would like to update my SatNOGs station if updates are available but I dont want to break M2 decode. Would be nice if this feature was added also including the MN 2-2

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Meteor decoding has never been included within SatNOGS itself, and probably won’t be until either someone can write an optimised real-time decoder (possible, but would require a lot of effort), or two-pass decoding is accepted as a ‘normal’ thing in SatNOGS (currently everything has to be decoded/demodulated live in a flow-graph).

Given the big changes in the latest SatNOGS version, the meteor QPSK demodulation flow-graph will need to be modified, at least to include the new source blocks (Soapy?), but there’s probably other changes too.

Also MN2-2 has broken enough that LRPT transmissions will not be re-enabled.


I’m open to making donations that would contribute to it. Is there such a thing?