Observation 151889: XW-2C (40906)

Regarding Observation 151889

Is this observation successful: Transponder Communication was asked that I do not see,
however, we can identify the CW signal from the satellite at -5kHz.


There is something around +15 kHz that looks like some SSB, but very weak reception.

IMO it is currently meaningless to schedule linear transponders because the scheduler will select the lower band edge and there will hardly ever be any activity very close to the edge.

So the answer is: May be yes because of faint trace of SSB?

So the CW from the same satellite does not count, am I correct?

For central frequency selection, would it be better to select
the central frequency of the transponder downlink band?

Yes, I would vet it as good.

As for whether another signal from the same satellite would count or not, I don’t know if there is any clear guideline for that. Different people will probably give you different answers :slight_smile:

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