Observation 1513255: METEOR-M 2 (40069) Satnogs and JPG images

Regarding Observation 1513255

I implemented the instructions to have my RPi process Meteor M2 images and upload them. Elsewhere I found a utility for rectifying the images so they aren’t squished on the edges. Unfortunately it works on jpeg images and not png. Does Libre/Satnogs have a policy against using non open source formats? I just noticed that it uses png and ogg for images and sound respectively. Also, is it ok that I’ve changed the baseline code to behave differently than initially installed?

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It is best to use open source formats. Both JPEG and PNG can be used with open source tools. There is likely an open source way to adjust your image. Have you seen GraphicsMagick, for example?

Also, how did you process the image? Thanks!

I followed instructions I found on this site to implement a post observation script that uses medet_arm to process the pass. Rather than making a png, I use the convert utility to create a jpg so I can use a Meteor image rectify utility I found elsewhere. I could always add another call to the convert utility to create a final png if policy frowned upon jpg images.

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I don’t think there is any policy related to open source about restricting JPEG usage. JPEGs are used in open source all the time. They may have other reasons though (e.g. JPEG is lossy).

What’s the Meteor image rectify utility, out of curiosity?

I got it here. He released the source, so I recompiled it on the RPi.


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