Observation 1512757: AISAT-1 (44104)

Regarding Observation 1512757

I’m seeing something between 0-160 & 280-340 seconds but is it a valid signal? :thinking:

Looks like something local unfortunately. See here for a ‘good’ AISAT-1 observation: https://network.satnogs.org/observations/1401065/

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I would say that 1401065 isn’t either good. The frames are from BRICSAT2/USNAP1-1. I think that AISAT-1 is not transmitting.

Unfortunately as its frequency is the same with the APRS, there is a lot confusion on vetting. I randomly pick 10 good observations and in most of them the signal comes from other satellite or it is terrestrial one. I think we need to re-vet all the good observations.


This good or bad seems, if not a little subjective, certainly vague at times!
Would I be best searching for good observations of the same satellite and use them as a gauge maybe?

Indeed this is why we have an open discussion for making the process simpler, looking on automate it.

In the most cases this is helpful, but to be 100% check a couple of good observations and also have always in mind the current vetting guide.

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I have looked at the vetting guide, which was my first port of call after I got my station up and running. I’ll certainly bear all the suggestions in mind though … thanks for the help.