Observation 1466690: NOAA 15 (25338) Look at this waterfall. Weird

Regarding Observation 1466690

Looks like a lot of broadband noise

All I had changed was the addition of a short (5 feet) RG174 cable so I could move my RPi to a better location. So maybe its poorly made and the shielding not working? I removed it and did a few more collects and they look back to normal now.

I am saying that something in your area created broadband noise that your antenna picked up.

Or maybe something else weird happened.

It wasn’t just a one time thing. All observations after that new cable displayed that kind of waterfall and after removing it all since have been fine. Its one of the cables that come with the RTL-SDR v3 kit so I’m not surprised. The dipole antenna they included in the same kit had a hard short in the SMA connector.

Could be a short in that coax. Looks like maybe it was moved halfway through the observation shorting it out. Or did you see the exact same “half good, half bad” observations on all the observations that used the new coax? If yes, then this is REALLY weird.

Most weren’t 50/50 but if I remember correctly all started with that “noise” and then it abruptly stopped at some point during the observation. All were good before the cable was installed and all have been good since it was removed. The cable shouldn’t have been moved since its in a remote location in my house. I’ve checked the cable with an ohm meter and to DC, it appears to be a good cable.