Observation 1439500: FOX-1D (43137)

Regarding Observation 1439500


Are you looking for feedback on these observations?

Yes, iam nubie in satnogs, please give me feedback

First up, there is no need to raise a discussion thread for every observation. It’s mainly to identify any out-of-the-ordinary observations.

Second, observations on your station appear to be returning pretty consistent and good results for QFH antennas, so congratulations on that!

I’ve vetted a few of the observations from your station. A few notes when vetting:

  • The modulation that is observed from the sat may not necessarily be the modulation you picked from the transmitter dropdown list when scheduling! Many sats transmit multiple modes, often on the same frequency, so it is worth looking at the satellite’s information page to see what we expect it to be transmitting. You can bring this up in a popup window by clicking the satellite name on the observation page.
  • If you are unsure if what you are seeing in the waterfall is correct for a particular satellite, then go look at observations that have been previously vetted as good for that satellite. Again, you can get to these by clicking on the satellite name on the observation page, and then clicking the green box (which will have a number in it) to the right of where it says ‘observations’ on the popup.

Mark VK5QI


Thank you for the advice to me. I just olnine for 4 days on satnogs network and still try some settings for my station. I will note your suggestions, hopefully later I can decode more satellites. thanks for the guidance.73 de YC2SAT

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