Observation 139311: ZACUBE-1 (39417)

Regarding Observation 139311 …ZACUBE successfully decoded!

Happy that your update worked!

This is different groundstation :grin: I am still googling to update gr-stanogs. My linux skills are still frustrating low

Oh, that should be pretty easy:

$ sudo satnogs-setup
  • Choose “Update”
  • Choose “Apply”
  • Choose “Back”

“Apply” might take a while! Watch out you never hit the “Reset Configuration” entry :wink:

Thanks Patrick. I have done that plenty times and it work great. I think for a start the gr-satnogs was never installed :wink: I am writing a new image and will then follow installation again!


hm, what?
Without gr-satnogs you would get no results at all :wink:

I was under the impression if you install the client that it will install everything necessary. Assumption is the mother of al … Reading community and wiki is so important

I’m not sure I get you right!
It does install gr-satnogs, at least if you use the “Update” method mentioned above.

OK so the plan is to install it according to this wiki


using this image

then do the rpi configure password, time etc

then run

sudo satnogs-setup

and see what happens

Yes, exactly!
To get a bit more security you should add a new user with sudo permission and remove the default Pi user.
At least: change the passwort! :slight_smile:

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Ok I changed the password with still pi as user, lets see

so the satnogs client will install this by default?

Yes, if you have satnogs-client already running, please update to the newest release, using

$ sudo satnogs-client
  • Choose “Update”
  • Choose “Apply”
  • Choose “Back”
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I have done this plenty times on old version, let see with new version. Busy installing :sleeping:

wonder if this is the problem?

That normally appears if you deinstall gr-satnogs, eg to install a local build of it. But with updating through satnogs-setup the binary will be installed. Have you followed the instructions for the Pi image installation exactly?

There seems to be missing something from the pip-installation also. This should normally bei included in the Pi image, afair.

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I think it would be better to continue this discussion in a normal thread - is it possible to move this by an Admin?

Not sure if it is or not – it might just be easier to start a new thread and link to the relevant posts here.

One other thing: if any of the wiki is out-of-date or incomplete, please feel free to create an account and update it – that’ll make it better for everyone. :smiley: