Observation 1376627: RADSAT-G (99963)

Regarding Observation 1376627

I see that the observation is vetted as good, but there doesn’t seem to be any data parsed from this audio file. I would like to contribute to this open source project but I have a few questions first.

Are the decoders built into the ground station when installed by the playbook? Are there any open source projects for parsing data from the audio files? I took a look at the list provided and the one modulation method I’m interested in is not listed (GMSK). I would like to setup a machine that crawls the website fetching the audio files and processing them one after another.

I can develop the code to crawl the website grabbing a set amount of audio data to parse and verify before moving on. What I don’t know is if there are rules against that kind of crawling. I looked in the robots file for the overarching satnogs.org/robots.txt and it doesn’t seem like I would be restricted from there.

Let me know if I am in violation of any rules I’m not aware of in case this post violates that.

It’s been revetted as “Bad”. There is no signal there. Nothing to decode.