Observation 1374057: KrakSat (44427)

Regarding Observation 1374057
Ciao, Fredy -
I am quite new at vetting SatNOGS observations. I see that you create many of them. Perhaps you can advise me. In the cited observation (…057) I see several fairly strong
signals that drift across the display. I interpret these to be some source that is not the
desired KrakSat and thus not synchronized with my station that tries to track the doppler
shift as KrakSat passes over. So, I call these “bad.” Do you agree?
Tony KD1IK

I believe you are correct. The sideways “S Curves” are local terrestrial “birdies”. The horizontal lines seem to be broadband burst QRM of some sort.

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+1 on @K3RLD post. Indeed it should be vetted as bad, you have an observation without any signal from the satellite.

For more info about vetting check this guide.