Observation 134734: NOAA 18 (28654)

Regarding Observation 134734

Hey guys ,
I have been a ham for some time now and have tried decoding the NOAA image but never could receive a proper signal and always end up having a Top half or bottom half of image same as the one in this observation.

I use a Kenwood D710G Radio along with a Yagi antenna with a rotator that automatically tracks the satellite and have also tried it with omni-directional eggbeater antenna . The yagi’s range is 144-147 MHz
This is the image i decoded ----

Can anyone suggest me a better settings on my radio or a better way to set my antenna to get the best of the pass and remove noise and unnecessary interference.

That looks to me like you are feeding the decoder with the wrong audio format. Are you using WXtoIMG? If yes, I seem to remember that it requires a very specific sample rate, or else you end up with garbage pictures like that.