Observation 1306795: ISS (25544)

Regarding Observation 1306795

Fredy Damkalis how is it possible that you are scheduling observations on others stations without having your station online? I have tried the same when my stations ware offline but it was impossible. Even when my station is in test mode I can select only my station to schedule.
What is the trick? :wink:

Hi @SQ3XZ,

There isn’t a trick, it’s that I have admin rights and as Permissions Matrix describes I can schedule on Online and Testing stations.

I use these permissions in most cases for special events like ARISS Contacts or SSTV events, new deployments or critical situations like satellites that stopped or started transmitting. Hopefully soon the automated scheduling will take care all of these scheduling cases.

Indeed my stations are not currently online as they come up and down, used in network-dev.satnogs.org or locally for testing client and network updates and new features that either I’m working on or the rest of the developers develop. Also I’m one of the maintainers of the hackerspace.gr station but for typical reasons not the owner in network.

I hope this doesn’t seem an unfair use of the network and of the stations.


On one hand it is clear that you are doing a lot work to have system running. Thanks for that. You should have some extras. But other hand it is used not for testing or development in this case.
Its hard to say it is right or not but on my own station I would like to schedule such events and be the observer.
I accept the Permissions Matrix and thanks that You have pointed this up for me. Now it is clear. Where can I find list of Admin and Moderator users? Maybe you can add some badge to them?

I see, this is already possible by removing future observations from other observers and schedule the ones you want on your station.

Unfortunately there isn’t one implemented, I’ve opened this issue to add badge that makes the user status visible.

Yes I know, but if you have scheduled observation I will not destroy it.

Greate, thanks.

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