Observation 1290364: PSAT-2 (44354) SSTV On a Boat, Big Burny Thing

Regarding Observation 1290364 ā€¦





Thanks for this extensive work! Some are really nice despite the frequency shift on the signal.

I wonder if there could be a way to compensate this frequency shift dynamically?


All the VK4XSS station end up in http://satnogs-iq.s3.amazonaws.com/ (although are deleted after a number of days) so you can demodulate from the IQ and typically get much better images.


I can provide them too for #853 if needed

Thank you for the links and info. I used a couple programs, but on windows, the best for these was RX-SSTV. It automatically provides dynamic frequency shift. With SSTV, there are three peaks which facilitate auto tuning for any frequency shift from doppler, etc.

I am not familiar with I Q and I will learn about it.

With the many ogg files I looked at, simply having a strong signal as displayed in the website here, I could tell if they would be good images or not.

I suspect there can be loss from these images being uploaded from the ground, then loss from re-transmission back to us.

My hunch is that using the IQ would not be as useful here but Iā€™d like to see if it does make a difference.