Observation 1250470: XW-2A (40903)

Regarding Observation 1250470

Anyone know what the strong signal in the waterfall is? I was receiving XW-2A and noticed the signal about 15k lower than XW-2A that looks like a NOAA weather satellite but the frequency is wrong for a NOAA bird.


Looks like part of it has FM. Not sure what bird it could be. Would be easier to tell if we could have heard it but the CW flowchart uses a narrower filter on the audio output then the other flowcharts if I recall.

For me it looks like terrestrial signal as it follows the rest of the terrestrial noise.

I’m jealous of your strong signals!

If you average the shift, it looks 10k lower in frequency, so I googled “145.650 australia” and found mention of continuous beacons or repeaters on that frequency.



Perhaps they do more than just CW morse?

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