Observation 1168186: ISS (25544)

Regarding Observation 1168186

How can filter out those vertical lines from waterfall? The current setup: crossed dipole antenna, RPi3, RTL-SDR v3 and 88-108MHZ blocking filter.
I tried a different AC plug, ferrit cable filters and connecting SDR directly to RPi.
Is there a way to decrease bandwidth? This way I could cut them out from waterfall.


The best way to find where that is coming from is to get a second computer with GQRX (or similar) and “sniff out” where the RF is coming from. Having said that, I’ve tried that at my QTH and was unable to find the source - I am afraid that it’s from inside the SDR dongle or rpi itself. Good luck.

I also thought about interference from the SDR/RPi itself. At the weekend I will run an identical station (RPi3 + SDR v3) and see if it is the same.
The next attempt will be SDR Play 2 + RPi3. I will let you know about the effects.