Observation 1143010: UKUBE-1 (40074)

Regarding Observation 1143010

Is it good? or interference?

All those signals are terrestrial interference. To my knowledge UKUBE-1 no longer transmits.

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Tnx, I will borrow some VHF can to filter out some.
New on this and love it.

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If it is ‘known’ that a particular satellite, or even transponder, no longer transmits then could it be worth indicating this in the DB so that folks don’t waste time trying to figure out why they have failed to receive any signal?

Unless the satellite is known to have de-orbited - then probably not. AO-7 was dormant for years (maybe), before springing back to life… without people “looking for it”, we might never have known it’s working.

So people (occasionally me) like to look for signs of “zombie” satellites.

hmm, perhaps we could have an indicator of the last time a ‘good’ pass was reported for each satelite… and maybe even being able to sort the DB output based on this :slight_smile:

You already can do this.