Observation 1101822: CP7 (DAVE) (43615)

Regarding Observation 1101822

Opps - I’ve sent myself to Xinjiang. Was testing tlm_forwarder2 with this observation, direwolf -B9600, and tlm_forwarder2 but mistake in online_conf.ini:
QTH_LONG = -81.68W
is incorrect - likely either -81 or 81W but not both! So I posted about 8 packets of incorrect telemetry to DAVE CP-7 43615

Latest frame submitted on 2019-10-15 00:23:50 by KB4NEW-NM08ui

Also - gr-satellites has a setting ‘recstart’ for replaying recorded IQ spectrum, how is that handled in tlm_forwarder2, a timestamp in the data? Requested the past week of tlm for DAVE and looks like only incoming time and data:

2019-10-15 00:23:50 CBCB4352BC17292BBCC1EA3DD50F8E4E48B8F35CAC2DACE01CA39A8118462A378CA73897D3396BF83EA52717A2E75FC281294E58F3F4A653A91CE1D39646344BD1B1296A76E69C34D4725AEEDBE8CE7D5101

Thanks for letting us know about it, I’ll check those packages and I’ll fix the issue with the wrong location in the week.