Observation 1079204: OSCAR 7 (7530)

Regarding Observation 1079204
Hi, I am new here and new in the field. I am still getting no good results after going through the trubleshooting in the wiki. Could soemeone in the community look on my mesurements and give me a hint? Possible wrong gain setting?
Cheers, Axel

Hi Axel,

At the begining, you may prefer working with powerful satellites as Funcube, Xw, NOAA, FOX (except 1A), for example. You will also have interesting powerful emissions from the ISS in the next few days you will probably not want to miss (SSTV + ARISS contact).
If you do not have a preamplifier, may be your gain is a bit low. You may begin by increasing your gain.

Otherwise, you will be interested in reading this link:
which describes what is a good observation in the sense of SatNOGS.

Have fun, 73, N5FXH,

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Thanks N5FXH. I will try that.
73, Axel