Observation 105392: NOAA 15 (25338)

Regarding Observation 105392

I can see some NOAA 15 signal in the waterfall, but what are the others? Just noise? My limited experience says that noise is usually curved with the doppler effect frequency change ?

The narrow signals are from Orbcomm satellites, so that’s why they don’t look like the “S-curve” from ground interference.

Cool, so basically other satellites, I kinda figured, but wanted to make sure. How do you know they are specifically the orbcomm satellites ?

@tomvdb I think it is experience and knowing what is around the satellite you observe.

from irc/matrix channel:

[16:32:06] fredy -> csete[m]: wondering how you found in noaa observation that these are Orbcomm satellites. :slight_smile:
[16:38:15] csete[m] -> fredy: they match the frequencies and bandwidths
[16:41:39] csete[m] -> I have a good link at home, but here I can find this through google: https://www.sigidwiki.com/wiki/Orbcomm
[16:42:28] csete[m] -> PSK 15 kHz, so it should be around 1/2 the width of NOAA APT, which is around 40 kHz