Observation 102519: RADFXSAT (43017)

Regarding Observation 102519

Vetting Observations, Hi just new here and was wondering what was a good waterfall signal?
What to look for? etc?


Brennan ZL4VBJ

Hi Brennan,

Welcome! I’m glad to see your station online in network.

I think that this wiki page will solve most of your questions on how we rate an observation.

For this specific observation as you can see in the waterfall there is signal in a straight line, this means that this is the satellite transmitting and that doppler correction based on TLE worked fine. Unfortunately in this observation, audio hasn’t been uploaded.

If you use rpi image, check in /tmp/.satnogs/data/incomplete maybe audio has been moved there due to some errors while uploading. If it is there move it back to /tmp/.satnogs/data/ and there will be attempt to be uploaded in the next iteration of the uploading task.

I’ve seen that you have rate https://network.satnogs.org/observations/102468/ as bad, but it is definitely a good one according to the rate rules in the wiki. There is presence of satellite and you can also hear some voices in audio, it is not clear but still is there. I’m going to fix the rating on this observation later today.

Let us know if you have any other question either here or in our irc channel #satnogs in freenode server which is also available through https://riot.im/app/#/room/#freenode_#satnogs:matrix.org

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