Observation 100810: XW-2B (40911)


I set USB mode for this satellite. But it recorded NFM. Why is that? How can I solve this problem?

73 de DE8MSH

I don’t think there is an USB receiver implemented so it falls back to FM. You can try CW; however, note that it will need some luck to actually hear something, as the transponder has room for many signals.


Ahh, You mean there’s no USB demodulator modul in the SatNogs software? So it uses NFM? CW is there. USB not?

Yes. The objective is to receive telemetry and many satellites transmit telemetry in CW, but none transmit in USB. However, both the CW and BPSK receivers are implemented as USB receivers though to generate audible audio.

Ah. Ok. Got that. Thank you for explanation, Alexandru.